Rough and Models

some models and rough of "le Sureshot" and "Eva" from a comic i'm working on


just a warm-up, i know is not much, sorry
great things coming soon


the fourth character

i don't like the snail version hope to find the time to redesign it.




my surprise sucks!

my chocolate easter egg JLA surprise sucks! i'm so depressed and delused. i don't expected an action figures but a decent statue of a JLA member. the only good thing is the machine with rotating blade and hammer who really work....and the tied woman, have something bondage sexual. but Flash really sucks, seems like one arm is missing.........i'm too much depressed.


Rahan animated layout

some old stuff.
two animated layout i did some year ago for Pascal Morelli's Rahan pilot. i don't know if the pilot has been finished but i don't think.
sincerely i think Rahan is too much dynamic character to be animated in static way like Corto Maltese. i have great respect for Pascal work but i think that Rahan would have to be animated like Bakshi's Fire and Ice (Bakshi rule!!!)
are both fast action scene, 4/5 pose, so are really fast.