new series developement

i'm developing a series for an italian animation studio. this is the very first take on the characters, think i have to change some details and colors.
4 characters. kids target.
here 3 of 4. the fourth coming soon.
hope you like it (comments are welcome)



another Eternal (hope Jack Kirby don't turn in his tomb)



on Drawingboards, Tom Nelson has opened a thread with some great sketches of restyled Jack Kirby's Eternals. here is my Pixie, with tribal tatoo instead of arms and legs laces, piercing and nail varnish!
this is the original (by John Byrne)


Hellboy/James Dean

i think Hellboy is a drama figure, and this morning have tried to search in my mind an actor who reflects the sadnes of this character (and not the machism like the movie)
first my mind have conceived a strange association, hellboy like the sad figure of Luke Perry in Beverlyhills 9020010 and drawing Luke face another actor is remind me (i think this is spelled very wrong Embarassed ), the great James Dean, yes Dean reflect the sadnes and the curse of my hellboy idea.
so, this is my James Hellboy Dean (with a little bit of young Brando)
he take under his arm a crash helmet not a bowling ball Mad


other random stuff from 300

i like to draw the rage of spartans in cartoony stile.


300 doodle to try sketchbook pro

i drew this for a jam on drawingboard. it's made with sketchbook pro a software i discovered from a Tom Nelson (great artist) advice, thanks Tom.

Dee portrait

a caricature for the Mars Volta Italia (great site for a great band) adiministressa Diletta. a little bit 90's i think.


JLA doodles for drawingboard jam